Join Us in Words and Actions Combatting Antisemitism

The ADL, this week, issued an urgent invitation for communities to sign onto an open letter calling out a sharp rise in already record levels of antisemitism, including in recent weeks and months, more than 50 swatting and bomb threats against institutions, physical attacks and foiled plots against synagogues and other places of worship, white supremacist masked men marching in amusement parks, hateful flyers distributed in residential neighborhoods, and toxic banners hung over major highways – as well as an online hate campaign started by antisemites and amplified by Twitter/X’s owner against the ADL, itself.

As Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey continues addressing manifestations of antisemitism through actions, such as (1.) initiating and stewarding passage of a new law aimed at improving Holocaust education in NJ public schools, (2.) providing testimony to the NJ State Board of Education on the urgency of implementing that new law, (3.) meeting with a member of the NJ Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee on priorities for the current legislative session, (4.) leading security initiatives aimed at improving safety and preparedness across nearly 100 Jewish organizations in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties, (5.) preparing for a legislative mission engaging lawmakers in Washington D.C. in discussions on the Jewish community's needs and possible solutiions, (6.) analyzing the U.S. National Strategy to Combat Antisemitsm action items for our local community to focus on, and much more – we support and we join ADL in using our voices to call out antisemitism. We believe it is critical to raise awareness of rising bias and threats. Actions coupled with words are a powerful combination, and we invite community members to ADD YOUR VOICE by signing onto the ADL letter, stating:

"With great urgency, we the undersigned come together in solidarity to decry hate, denounce scapegoating, and ensure that rising extremism not be mainstreamed or normalized." 

The letter underscores the importance of a collective response in responding to anti-Jewish rhetoric and the rise in hate online and offline. Federation is proud to sign the letter and invite you to ADD YOUR NAME as a show of solidarity during these turbulent times.   

Jewish Federation's Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) builds relationships and advocates for Jewish interests throughout and beyond the Jewish community by working directly with Jewish, interfaith, and civic leadership on the local, state, and national levels raising awareness and seeking practical solutions in matters that are important to the whole Jewish community as well as the broader community. To get involved, LEARN MORE or CONTACT US



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