War in Israel - Information from the Consulate General of Israel | NY

The following information is provided by The Consulate General of Israel | NEW YORK

THIS GOOGLE SHEET provides real-time updates.  

As of 12pm EST | Thursday, October 12. 


Updated Numbers

  • 1,300+ Israelis killed, including 220+ fallen soldiers.
  • 40+ babies killed.
  • 3,000+ Israelis wounded.
  • Citizens of the US, the UK, France, Germany, Ukraine and multiple other countries have been killed.
  • 81 Israelis confirmed kidnapped, with even more missing.
  • 5,000+ rockets launched into Israel from Gaza, with more from Lebanon and Syria.
  • 30+ communities near the Gaza strip invaded by Hamas terrorists.

Key Points

  • Hamas = ISIS. And worse. Hamas’s war crimes are some of the worst the world has ever seen. Babies were beheaded. More than 40 babies were killed. We need to respond the same way we respond to ISIS.
  • Hamas is an enemy of the entire civilized world. Citizens of the US and other countries were killed and kidnapped (see numbers above). We are defending the whole world against Hamas. These things may start with the Jews, but they never “end” with the Jews.
  • Hamas’s terror is not “resistance.” Opposing Hamas has nothing to do with your stance on Israel. It’s just being human.
  • This is an involuntary war. Israel never wants war. This fight was instigated by a brutal terrorist assault, and it is a fight for the survival of Israel and its people.
  • This is Israel's 9/11. Hamas’s murder of 1,300+ Israelis makes it a deadlier terrorist attack per capita than 9/11.
  • Never Again. On Saturday, Hamas killed more Jews in a single day (1,300+) than any day since the Holocaust.
  • US + International support. We are incredibly grateful to President Biden and so many leaders, communities and individuals around the world for their outpouring of support. It is vital that we maintain it.
  • Iran. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. They are open and proud of their funding, training, and supplying arms to Hamas. Whatever their technical degree of involvement, they support this evil and must be held accountable.
  • Moral army. The IDF’s primary goal is to crush Hamas. Due to the terror group’s use of human shields, it is possible that civilians will be harmed. But the IDF always acts according to international law and ethics to minimize civilian casualties.
  • Hamas is the enemy. They started this war, and Israel is preparing for a prolonged military response to remove the threat they pose. Being fully behind the vicious attack, Hamas is obviously responsible for any response Israel is forced to carry out. Israel will do everything necessary to protect its citizens and its territory.
  • Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza. Hamas has been in full control of Gaza since 2006. It is fully responsible for everything that happens there. Every single material that enters Gaza is taken by Hamas to kill Israelis. Israel has no legal or moral obligation to provide electricity or other goods to an enemy that initiated a savage war against us, and has halted these supplies. A country under attack cannot continue to support its attackers. This is common sense. If needed, Israel will airdrop humanitarian aid directly to the people of Gaza.
  • Hostages. Israel will do everything it takes to free hostages kidnapped by Hamas to the Gaza Strip. These hostages include multiple foreign citizens, and this should be a global fight. Israel never leaves anyone behind.


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