United Hatzalah Partnership Aids COVID-19 Frontline Workers

United Hatzalah of Israel this week announced a new partnership with CoronaCareIsrael providing free and anonymous mental health support to NJ-based frontline healthcare workers. The initiative is focused on helping frontline workers through the trauma they, themselves, have experienced as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

United Hatzalah and CoronaCareIsrael are a partnership group of mental health trauma professionals practicing in Israel. Its team has accrued much experience in addressing continuing trauma situations (Tree of Life shooting in Pennsylvania, Ebola in Liberia, Swiss Air Flight 111, and more). They now join hands in extending that experience to support NJ-based professionals.

The team has developed a protocol specific to treating frontline healthcare workers affected by the ongoing pandemic. The protocol is designed to be brief and practical so that it is accessible and appealing to busy, overextended personnel.

Given the time zone difference between Israel and NJ, the program offers 24/7 mental health support at hours when these services may not otherwise be readily available.


The service is easily accessed anonymously at this link.

Confidentiality is of prime importance identifying details are not required. All frontline workers are encouraged to use the services during this challenging time.



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