This week has been bitter and sweet

Of all the tasks we tackle at Jewish Federation, granting aid to people in need is one of the most heart-warming AND heart-wrenching -- at the same time.

This week, Federation extended an additional round of grants to people whose need relates to the COVID-19 financial crisis and recent opening of some summer camps, including for young adults with special needs.

We are humbled by how fragile life can be, but happy we can help vulnerable friends, neighbors, and members of the extended Jewish family. 

The summer camp scholarships are always a bit of a reality check. We are reminded that camp fills a need for respite and resources. For families in crisis, it is not a luxury, but a lifeline. 

Most heartening this week is the generous support of donors like you, who make it all possible. Thank you.

Also from the bright side this week, we share a welcome bit of feedback from a synagogue leader, excerpts from a donor impact report, and a profile on one of the most inspiring people we know: board member, Marlene Herman. 

Don't miss a word in this week's FRIDAY LIGHT and let us know which highlights speak to you.

May this Shabbat bring you only sweetness,
Susan Antman, Executive Director 

Friday Light is a weekly digest of community highlights from Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ.

This week's issue featured; 

  • Camp Scholarships provide respite & resources 
  • COVID relief aids those hit financially by crisis

  • Local and North America leaders speak to donors
  • Synagogue leaders share apperication for Federation
  • Board member spotlight Marlene Herman: Early years form her commitment today

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