Synagogue Leader Shares Praise for Jewish Federation

A recent note from board member, Amy Mallet, to president, Cheryl Markbreiter, shares feedback on Federation.


Dear Cheryl,

During the past week I had an opportunity to chat with the President of one of our partner synagogues (outdoors, socially distanced with masks). To give perspective, we were introduced by a mutual friend. It was not a Federation introduction nor was it an affiliation with Congregation B’nai Israel, where I am a long-time member. At some point in the conversation, we were talking about synagogues and Federation. She told me that she is so very impressed with all of the activity and support coming from the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ, particularly during the past months in the midst of the pandemic. 

The work is noticed, whether it’s from Susan overseeing everything, Amy’s efforts regarding security, Dan, Stacy, Lisa and so many other staff members working diligently behind the scenes. I wanted to be sure to share this with you, as I don’t think our staff hears this enough. 

Supporting our partners is an important part of our mission, and it’s good to know they’re aware and appreciate the hard work of our awesome team during such a difficult time when everything is being done virtually!

Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,

Amy Mallet

The individuals to whom the note refers, who include:

Susan Antman - Executive Director
Amy Keller - Director of Security Initiatives, External Affairs
Dan Rozett - Manager, Community & Israel Engagement
Stacy Feldman - Director of Community Impact
Lis Karasic - Chief Communications Officer

replied, in turn, with praise for the entire Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey team, emphasizing the collective and collaborative nature of the organization's work and the mutual respect and appreciation the entire team shares. 



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