Shavuot 5780 Events and Resources

Shavuot is a celebration of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai — when G-d and Israel sealed their covenant. The holiday is often marked by staying up all night studying Torah and eating dairy foods to show dedication to the laws of the Torah (including kashrut). This year, we may not be able to gather all night in person, but that doesn’t mean the learning will stop. Organizations across the globe invite you to Shavuot learning programs before, during, and after the holiday — including a few all-nighters. 

May 24-May 31 
Pearlstone’s Shavuot Sojourn: A Jewish Agricultural Journey 

In these unprecedented times, Pearlstone is excited to offer an entire week dedicated to Jewish Agriculture and Earth-based Jewish Wisdom.Join fellow environmental and sustainability professionals, students, educators, designers, farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, artists, Rabbis and activists share their gifts and learn from each other through this inclusive community. Sessions are a conversation between and about the Wheat Harvest, Jewish Agricultural Wisdom, and Community. REGISTER

Wednesday, May 27, 3:30pm ET 
Revelation with JW3 

Gather round our virtual Mount Sinai for a late-night exploration of Jewish wisdom, performance and music after dark! REGISTER

Wednesday May 27th (the day before Shavuot) from 10 PM – 3 AM ET 
S’More Learning: A Campy Pre-Shavuot Celebration 

Join Foundation for Jewish Camp for an all night pre-Shavuot learning experience in the spirit of a Shavuot Tikkun. FJC will offer an opportunity for the field of Jewish camp staff to connect together in solidarity, reflecting on their shared Jewish camp experience and joining in a pre-Shavuot menu of Jewish learning. Adults of all ages (college-aged counselors, alum and leadership teams) are welcome to join in on the learning. REGISTER

Wednesday, May 27 at 10 AM – Friday, May 29 at 11:30 PM Eastern
Shavuot: Feminism All Night

This year as we #StayHome, join us for a virtual celebration of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot - a holiday that marks the celebration of wisdom by staying up all night to learn. Join us for a Virtual Feminism All Night featuring workshops on feminism from all over the world. Here is the schedule across 3 different time zones. Open to all genders and faiths. REGISTER  

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 8:00 PM  10:00 PM ET 
Community Virtual Tikkun Leyl Shavuot 

Join Orot to celebrate 5 years of learning and spiritual practice with a celebration Orot-style: a community gathering of transformative Torah, meditation, embodied practice, creative writing and song. We will prepare for the holiday of Shavuot together as we look inwards for the Torah that lies within ourselves. You will have a choice of 4 different breakout sessions for learning and practice. Come and help us toast to 5 wonderful years of building and growing Orot’s work in the community. REGISTER

Thursday May 28-Friday May 29 
The Paul Feig z”L Tkkun Leil Shavuot
Stay the Night at Home with the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

Come together with people from across the spectrum of Jewish Life for a free, revelatory night of study, film, music, dance, yoga, and more in celebration of Shavuot. Bring your own cheesecake and come for an hour or stay the night! REGISTER

Thursday May 28-Friday May 29 10pm-8am ET 
DAWN: An All Night Cultural Arts Festival Celebrating the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot.

DAWN is Reboot’s all-night interpretation of the magical and mighty holiday of Shavuot in association with the Jewish Emergent Network. The night will be immersed in music, comedy, food, learning and conversation - all presented by some of the greatest artists, rabbis and thinkers of our generation. Choosing personal adventures through a digital festival experience, you will unpack the mysteries of the Jewish calendar’s best-kept secret. REGISTER 

Thursday, May 28, 8pm- May 29- 1am ET
My Jewish Learn Tikkun Leil Shavuot 
Learn into the night on Shavuot eve with My Jewish Learning! 


Thursday, May 28, 7pm-3am ET
All Together Now: Leil Tikkun Shavuot 5780: Now We Are All Together @ Sinai  

Multi-denominational event across time zones offering study led by rabbis and educators of different denominations, as well as music and discussion about the future of the Jewish people, the meaning of Torah, of Shavuot, of the Land, especially now, this time of Transition from Spring to Summer and our uncertainty about the future. Hosted by (and Kaplan Center) and multiple synagogues. Join the conversation on​ ​Zoom​. Watch on​ ​jewishLIVE​ and​ 

May 28-May29  07:00 PM - 05:00 AM EDT 
The TEN: An Alternative Shavuot Experience 

Celebrate The TEN, an innovative take on the holiday of Shavuot with Sixth and I. This thought-provoking evening will feature a conversation with The Art of Gathering author Priya Parker and Rabbi Shira Stutman, Sixth & I on the power of gathering, the role of religion and faith in building meaningful community, and reflections on what this moment might mean for how we choose to gather moving forward. Following the discussion, stay for a full night of virtual learning and fun​. REGISTER  

Thursday, May 28, 8pm - 12am ET 
Come together with the Reform Movement for Tikkun Leil Shavuot 

This year, the Reform Movement has come together to create a variety of digital experiences – including discussion, music, prayer, and poetry – designed to resonate with all types of Torah learners and to help you observe Shavuot from home or with your congregation in ways that are thoughtful, meaningful, and spiritually engaging. Attend, one, two, three, or all four sessions! REGISTER

May 27, 3:00pm ET 
JCC Association & Shalom Sesame Present: Countdown to Shavuot! 

Join on Facebook LIVE as the JCC Movement comes together to join Muppets, Avigail and Brosh, to learn all about Shavuot! REGISTER 

May 31, 1:30pm 
Your People Shall Be My People 

The former Shlichim of Cincinnati gather for a special study and discussion for Shavuot - "Your People Shall be my People". With Amnon Maggid, Maia Morag, Yair Cohen, Orit Shulman, Noga Maliniak, Daniel Perek and Avinoam Granot. REGISTER 

A selection of lectures, podcasts, classes, technology, books, and more, for learners of all ages to study for Shavuot.  

Shavuot for Kids with PJ Library 

Hartman@Home: Shavuot 

Top 5 Shavuot Songs 

Inscribed: Encounters with the Ten Commandments
Contributors to the new book present video companions to their chapters for online Shavuot learning. 




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