PREJUDICE : A Poem by Ben Baum

Federation supporter, Ben Baum, shared his latest poem, inspired by the current conversation about prejudice. As a writer and an active and involved community member, Ben continues to make a difference. Our sincere thanks to Ben for sharing these words us.

By Ben Baum

Little Children,
Seeds of bias planted,
Learning that different is not good,
That those people are inferior,
That they are not to be trusted.

Seeds that germinate,
That multiply,
That if not counteracted,
Expand exponentially,
And consume the carrier.

Permitted to evolve unchecked,
The seeds become plants of hate,
Coming to fruition,
Enveloping the individual,
Clouding the truth,
Affecting a lifetime.

The winds of hate,
Fanned by the dealers of propaganda,
By the voices of division,
By the cults of self-declared supremacy.

Sadly prejudice blinds,
Negates the ability to appreciate diversity,
To see the wonders of all humans,
Not just those like you.


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