Jewish Federation Security Initiatives Led Response to Synagogue Threat

On Nov. 3, 2022, the FBI warned the Jewish community of a credible threat to synagogues in New Jersey.

Immediately, Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ’s Director of Security Initiatives, Amy Keller, made direct contact with law enforcement authorities; activated the communitywide Leaders’ Alert System advising organizations to enact their security protocols; coordinated with law enforcement, private security professionals, and community organizations to increase security; and Federation advised the broader community through social media to increase awareness and vigilance.

Approximately 18 hours later, Gov. Phil Murphy, the State Attorney General, and top brass from the FBI, Homeland Security, State Police, and U.S. Attorney advised Federations, the ADL, and others that the specific threat had been mitigated, and pledged continued solidarity with the Jewish community to reject antisemitic rhetoric, activity, and threats.

“We thank our partners from law enforcement, private security providers, and communal organizations for joining us in making the Jewish community more aware and prepared with Security Initiatives,” Keller said, “from assessments, Blue Sky Day relationship building, planning, training, grant application and implementation support, our alert system, and more.”

Executive Director Susan Antman added, “Financial contributors to Federation’s Annual Campaign make these partnerships and initiatives all possible. Thank you to our donors for helping keep the Jewish community safe.”

Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ Security Initiatives support is available to all Jewish institutions in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties. If you know an executive director, president, clergy, or security director of a local Jewish organization, please encourage them to connect with Federation.

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