Jewish Federation Invites Community to Join in Community Relations Work

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey embodies the Jewish collective in addressing the needs and concerns of the Jewish community. While this collective may comprise different points of view as surfaced during the recent controversy with a book event at Highland Park Public Library, Jewish Federation calls on all parties invested in stemming hate to pause, seize this time for constructive conversation, and work toward peaceful practices that transcend a single book or event.
The Jewish collective’s common values are: 
  • We support the First Amendment of the United States Constitution with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to freedom of speech and assembly.   
  • We reject all hate, including but not limited to anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. 
  • We foster constructive relations with partners and neighbors of all faiths and ethnicities. 
  • We uphold Israel’s right to exist and support the land, people, and ideal of an Israel striving for peace and justice for all.

The recent events in Highland Park highlight the community’s need to redouble efforts strengthening channels of communication and platforms for action both within the Jewish collective and between the Jewish collective and interfaith neighbors – all to navigate differences in a constructive way. 

Jewish Federation is committed to building on its strong foundation of partnerships and programs to advance community relations in the heart of New Jersey. To join us, contact Dan Rozett, Manager, Community and Israel Engagement:


Thank you to all who shared your valuable feedback with Jewish Federation. We respect your point of view, share many of your concerns, and encourage you to learn about and get involved in Federation’s work.

Every person in this Jewish community is welcome – and needed – in Federation’s process of convening partners and community leaders determining when and how to participate in a given matter, in real time. 

As our original statement noted, the Jewish collective does not always agree on a particular position or approach. Join us in our Israel advocacy, Jewish community relations, interfaith initiatives, or leadership development taking place at all times to lend your voice to the daily decision-making process. We need you.


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