It's a Day to Celebrate!

Israel is now celebrating its 67th birthday. We want to encourage you to join in this special occasion. Check out one of these 15 fun videos about Israel below. Enjoy!

1. So many reasons to love Israel:

2. Crossing the Line 2 – the battle for Israel on college campuses:

3. Danny Ayalon explains the politics of the MiddleEast:

4. Israel Inside – check out this great country:

5. An interesting series on the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict:!the-videos/ck2g

6. Israel Independence Day video from Wiesenthal Center:

7. Israel in 5 minutes:

8. Small but outstanding:

9. Make the best shakshuka for breakfast:

10. Tel Aviv – one of the best cities in the world:

11. Travel with Rick Steves to Israel:

And a few somewhat longer videos:

12. Israel – the birth of a nation:

13. The J Street Challenge – a troubling film…please share your feedback:

14. Six day war documentary:

15. A great concert with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra:

Lastly, check out this amazing Step Up for Israel minicourse: Thanks to our special partnership with Jerusalem U, you can get this for free. Sign up at

Chag Sameach – Happy Israel Independence Day!


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