Israel Defense Forces Delegation Visits Heart of NJ

This week Israel Defense and Armed Forces Attaché to the United States, Major General Hidai Zilberman together with his staff, briefed an exclusive audience on the current threats Israel faces from hostile countries and terror organizations in the Middle East and around the world.

In addition to Major General Zilberman, participants heard from Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers from the Air Force, Navy, Intelligence, Cyber Unit, and Research and Development Unit, about how each are addressing the challenges the IDF faces due to global alliances of hostile actors supporting Israel’s enemies, namely, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. (Specific details of the briefing are not cleared for publication).

The delegation also spoke about the close cooperation between the IDF and the United States Armed Forces on all levels including training, intelligence sharing and joint projects contributing to technological advancements of both armed forces. Also mentioned was the effect of the Abraham Accords, opening doors and opportunities for collaboration between the IDF and the armed forces of the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco and with countries that do not have official diplomatic relations with Israel.

The visit arranged by the New Jersey-Israel Commission, facilitated by Jewish Federation, and hosted by The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County included participants from these organizations and from the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office. Jewish Federation thanks the officers of the Freehold Police Department, the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness for providing security.   

Connecting Jews in the heart of NJ with the land and people of Israel strengthens the Jewish family worldwide. Federation fosters ways to learn about, bond with, and care for Israel. Click HERE to view community events celebrating 75 years of Israeli independence. 


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