ICC Decision to Prosecute Israeli Leaders is Appalling

The Internatinal Criminal Court Prosecutor’s appalling and misguided decision to seek warrants for Israel’s elected leaders and defense officials is among the most perverse taken by an international body, and only serves to further undermine the court’s already fractured legitimacy. The idea that a democratic country’s decision and to defend itself against a horrific terrorist attack is on par with the genocidal terrorist organization that perpetrated that attack is beyond the pale. The prosecutor’s decision to single out the Jewish state, which goes above and beyond the requirements of international law to protect civilians, while the court has turned a blind eye to the world’s real human rights violators, is antisemitism, pure and simple. If the court has any interest in maintaining a shred of legitimacy, it will reject these unfounded warrants against Israel.

Suggested actions to support Israel in your local community: 

  • Share this statement on the ICC prosecutor’s decision to apply for arrest warrants for Israeli leaders. 
  • Read this editorial in The Wall Street Journal on the disgrace of the ICC to “lump together” Israel’s democratic leaders who are fighting a just war, with Hamas’s leaders who are determined to murder as many Israelis as possible. 
  • Read this CNN interview with urban warfare expert Major John Spencer on Hamas’s strategy to maximize civilian death, and examples of how Israel has implemented “every civilian harm mitigation technique that has been developed in the last 30 years despite Hamas’ tactics.” 
  • Forward this urgent message to your representative in Congress using this contact form.
  • Forward this urgent email to family and friends.
  • Support Jewish students with the help of Hillel International’s talking points and best practices on free speech and academic freedom when engaging university administrators and leadership. 



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