Interfaith Forum: "It's Complicated"

Last night, an amazing event took place at the Diocese of Metuchen: "It's Complicated: A Discussion of Israel, Christianity and Islam, and Building Bridges to Peace." This interfaith forum provided representatives of the three great monotheistic religions that call Israel a Holy Land, an opportunity to openly reflect on February's Interfaith Clergy Mission, as well as discuss preconceived notions of Israel, and why one cannot simply paint Israel with broad-brush simplifications. Over 100 Christian, Jewish and Muslim community members attended the discussion.

The panel included Rev. Guy Selvester, Rabbi Marc Kline, Rev. James Checchio, Bishop of Metuchen, Dr. M. Ali Chaudry, Rev. Scott Russel, and Federation CEO Keith Krivitzky. The event cemented interfaith connections and paved the way for future interfaith efforts, locally and in Israel. 


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