Information You Need to Make a Voting Plan

With the two major political parties’ 2020 national conventions behind us, voters turn their attention to the upcoming General Election November 3, 2020, and the fairly new concept of “Making a Voting Plan.”

While Jewish Federation is a non-partisan organization, we advocate with elected leaders for the needs of all Jews (regarding human services, anti-Semitism, and security, for example) and we encourage community members to express their voices in the civic arena by voting. 

Jewish Federation shares the following information from the Monmouth County Board of Elections and the Middlesex County Board of Elections to empower all registered voters in the Jewish community to make a voting plan and have a say in the policies and resources affecting every person. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Election in NJ will be conducted primarily by mail. All active registered voters will automatically receive a Vote By Mail ballot, without the need to submit a Vote By Mail application. Vote By Mail ballots can be returned in one of the following ways:

  • Drop in an official county Board of Elections’ drop box (PICTURED)
    • The deadline for delivering the ballot via drop box is 8 p.m. on General Election Day, November 3.
    • Once drop box locations are finalized by the county Board of Elections, the information will be listed on their respective websites:
  • Mail through the U.S. Postal Service 
    • Vote By Mail ballots submitted through the U.S. Postal Service must be postmarked on or before General Election Day, November 3, and received by the county Board of Elections by 8 p.m. on November 10. 
    • County Clerks’ Offices will provide a postage-paid envelope for the return of the completed mail-in ballot; therefore, voters are not required to attach a stamp when returning the ballot via U.S. Postal Service.
  • Drop off at your county Board of Elections’ office
    • The deadline for dropping at the county Board of Elections in-person is 8 p.m. on General Election Day, November 3.
    • If delivered in-person, the voter or the bearer must present identification when surrendering the ballot.
      • In Monmouth County, the address is: 300 Halls Mill Road in Freehold
      • In Middlesex County, the address is:11 Kennedy Boulevard in East Brunswick
  • Bring to your assigned polling location in-person on Election Day
    • A limited number of polling locations will be open on Election Day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for disabled voters requiring special assistance or for voting on paper provisional ballots. 
    • Active voters will be mailed a notice regarding the location of their polling place by their County Clerk’s Office by October 23, 2020. 
    • It is important to note, if bringing your ballot to a polling location on Election Day, you may not return any other voter’s ballot. 

Vote By Mail Ballots for the General Election will be mailed to active registered voters beginning on or about October 5, 2020, according to Monmouth and Middlesex Counties’ Clerks’ offices. 

Sample ballots will not be mailed to voters for the 2020 General Election. The County Clerk will instead send a postcard to voters indicating their polling location for the 2020 General Election. The County Clerk’s Office will make the sample ballots available online for viewing on their websites and also at each polling place on Election Day.

If you do not receive a Vote By Mail ballot, contact your county Board of Elections:

Monmouth County Board of Elections 
300 Halls Mill Road
Freehold NJ 07728
Chief Clerk: Tracee Johnson E-mail:
Administrator: Robin Major E-mail:
County Clerk Deputy of Elections Judith D. Ricci

Middlesex County Board of Elections
732 - 745-3471 
11 Kennedy Boulevard 
East Brunswick, NJ 08816 

State of New Jersey Division of Elections
For additional information, the State of New Jersey Division of Elections can be contacted at:
PO Box 304
Trenton, NJ 08625-0304


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