First Recipient of Ruth Kroll Scholarship Selected

In 2022, Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey and the Kroll family created The Ruth Kroll Scholar Award to perpetuate Ruth’s memory and values and invest in a strong Jewish future. This scholarship recognizes young Jewish women who make a difference in our community and encourages them to continue the practice of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world.

In early 2023, Logan Feldman was selected as the first recipient of The Ruth Kroll Scholar Award.

In applying for the scholarship, Logan cited attending Shabbat services, celebrating Jewish holidays, serving on the chapter and regional boards of her BBYO Jewish youth group, raising funds for Embrace Kids Foundation and the Dance For The Kids supporting gravely ill children, and involvement in her high school's student government including serving as senior class president and serving on the Principal’s Cabinet addressing school-wide social, emotional and academic issues.

“We selected Logan because she so clearly embodied the values important to my mother," said Sharon Kroll Cohen
about the first ever recipient of the scholarship created in her mother, Ruth Kroll's, name to recognize and perpetuate human kindness, public service, leadership, modesty, excellence and education. 

Upon receiving the award, Logan said:

"I am deeply grateful and privileged to have been selected as the inaugural recipient of the Ruth Kroll Scholarship. Ruth Kroll embodied Jewish values of empathy, humility, inclusivity, non-judgment, women's equality, and the significance of education. These principles strongly resonate with me.

Through acts of compassion and a genuine commitment to my Jewish values, I consistently strive to make a positive impact and inspire others. My upbringing in a family deeply rooted in Jewish traditions and values has played a crucial role in shaping my character. Each day, I actively engage in acts of loving kindness, practicing tzedeakh and gemilut chasadim, values instilled in me by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

As the recipient of this prestigious award, I am dedicated to upholding Ruth Kroll's values and living my life in accordance with them.

The financial support provided by this scholarship will allow me to focus wholeheartedly on my education as I embark on my college journey this coming fall. I am committed to pursuing academic excellence, demonstrating leadership, engaging in community service, and embracing the abundant opportunities available at my university. My passion lies in Media Production, Management, and Technology, and I am determined to leverage my education to make a positive difference in the world.

For the past four years, I have served as the Executive Director of my school's Dance For The Kids (FTK), and now I am prepared to take my skills to the university level. It will be a true honor for me to raise funds and awareness for the Upstate UF Health Shands Children's Hospital while participating in my university's Dance Marathon. Additionally, I eagerly anticipate forming connections and building a vibrant community with fellow Jewish students through the university's Hillel. I also aspire to take part in the Onward Israel program during the summer.

I am immensely grateful to the Jewish Federation and the Kroll Family for bestowing upon me this exceptional honor. I am committed to upholding Ruth Kroll's legacy through my actions and enthusiastically anticipate serving as a resource and mentor for future young Jewish women.





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