Federation is Here Fighting Antisemitism

In a recent issue of The Jewish Link, a letter to the editor regarding antisemitism in the local community asked: Where is Federation? The following reply provides important – and actionable – information for those who may not have seen it in the paper or its website.  
Federation plays and will continue to play a leading role – with important impact – pushing back on Jew-hatred and its threats to individual safety and communal security and sustainability. 
For a refresher on the scope of Federation’s work on antisemitism, here are a few examples. 
  • Brings in $1 million or more each year (this year it was $2 million) for synagogue, Jewish school, and community center security
    • Not to mention the government advocacy work that resulted in the doubling of funds 
  • Offers safety and security training, free of charge, for every synagogue, Jewish school, and cultural organization
  • Maintains direct channels of communication with Rutgers leadership to promote a safe and welcoming educational environment for Jewish students
  • Pre-empts antisemitic threats through relationships with law enforcement 
  • Intervenes with lawmakers to ensure the Jewish community’s needs are known and responded to
  • Briefs individuals, groups, organizations, and the community at large on current threats facing us – and provides the tools to pre-empt, prevent, and protect against them 
  • Launched and maintains a community leaders’ alert system for emergencies
  • Supports Law Enforcement Officer bias awareness training 
  • Addresses racism at the teen level through interfaith educational programs 
  • Funds public school programs building mutual respect, understanding, and safety among students and educators
  • Conducts interfaith clergy exchanges to build allies and reject hate 
  • Educates interfaith clergy about Israel, antisemitism, and extremism
  • Provides public information correcting false narratives about Israel  
  • Advocates for legislation combating antisemitism and supporting Israel, such as the Never Again Act and the NJ Anti BDS law
  • Meets with our congressional delegation on such matters as antisemitism and the US-Israel relationship, as well as human services for the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and other vulnerable people
  • Connects NJ and Israeli students to build relationships and understanding 
  • Familiarizes law enforcement and public safety officials with Jewish organizations and their leaders and facilities
And more….
If you care to contribute in an actionable way, call us, take our call when we ring you, accept our invitation to speak, to conduct a briefing for you and your group, or get involved in the JCRC – our Jewish Community Relations Council. 
Make no mistake, MUCH more is needed. More government support, more education – for students AND educators, more security, more content to counter narratives from BDS and its myriad proponents, more training for community members to advocate on behalf of the Jewish community, more alliances to fight hate… 
It is imperative to work with each other to continue to combat the rise in antisemitism. 


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