Federation and The Adom Project Collaborate to Save Lives

On May 23, 2023, The Adom Project came to Federation’s office to provide Stop the Bleed® emergency trauma response training and equipment aimed at saving lives.

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey recently awarded The Adom Project an Opportunity Grant to further its work providing Stop the Bleed® kits and training to schools, synagogues, and other religious institutions. 

The Adom Project was started by a group of medical students and EMTs who came together and are applying their previous medical experiences and knowledge to prepare communities for violent hate crimes. Their motto is “We must remain PROACTIVE & not REACTIVE when it comes to saving the lives of our community.” 

As leaders in cultivating our community’s safety and security mindset, resources, and preparedness, Jewish Federation is proud to help support TAP’s initiative.  

“Federation applauds the hard work and time The Adom Project team dedicates to communities of faith,” said Amy Keller, Jewish Federation’s Director of Security Initiatives and External Affairs. “Our collaboration can secure more lives in the future.”

This week’s training at Federation’s office included discussion of emergency procedures and hands-on practice of North American Rescue® Stop the Bleed® methods designed for those who have little or no medical training but may be called upon to respond to and deliver trauma care and bleeding control prior to emergency medical services (EMS) arrival.    

Regarding Jewish Federation Opportunity Grants, Laura Safran, Director of Community Impact, said, “Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties boast passionate and resourceful community members committed to building a stronger Jewish community. We encourage organizations and individuals interested in designing, implementing, and managing innovative projects to apply for seed funding to help good ideas grow.”

The goal of Opportunity Grants is to expand the array of Jewish opportunities and programs that currently serve our community as well as expand entry points and other initiatives that engage people in Jewish life.

For more information on Opportunity Grants, contact Laura S.

For more information on Security Initiatives, contact Amy K

To contact The Adom Project, click here.

And watch Jlife magazine for full story in upcoming issue.


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