DHS Announces Funding for FY 2023 Preparedness Grants

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), on July 21, announced FY 2023 preparedness grants including allocations for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (the federal NSGP) through which Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey has helped bring millions of dollars to our community for enhancing security at Jewish community gathering places, such as synagogues, schools, cultural centers, agencies, and more.

"The grants will support our communities and help improve our readiness to prepare, respond to and recover from major disasters, terrorist attacks and other emergencies,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “DHS remains committed to strengthening America’s security and resilience."

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (federal NSGP) will provide $305 million nationwide, up from $270 million for FY 2022 — an increase for which Jewish Federations advocated with federal lawmakers — to support target hardening and other physical security enhancements for nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack.

Once again this year, Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ supported Jewish organizations across Monmouth and Greater Middlesex in applying for these grants. It is estimated they will bring another $2.5 million in security grants to our community — for a total of approximately $14 million to date in federal, state, and local security grants.    

In addition to providing guidance on applying for NSGP grants, Jewish Federation Security Initiatives also provides support for organizations to implement grants, from spending prioritization and systems configuration to vendor management and more.

The total amount for the federal grant programs announced is set by Congress and the allocations are made by DHS.

"We thank lawmakers and DHS for continuing to enable nonprofits including those in the Jewish and other faith communities to proactively address growing hate-based threats and security concerns," said Amy Keller, Federation's Director of Security Initiatives and External Affairs."Organizations across our community have come to better understand and mitigate their vulnerabilities through the process of applying for federal, state, and local security grants, alone — whether they received one or not." 

At the state level, Jewish Federations championed advocacy efforts to codify the New Jersey Nonprofit Security Grant Program, ensuring that legislation to make the program permanent was signed into law. The state's FY2024 budget announced June 30, 2023, provides $7 million for New Jersey's Nonprofit Security Grant Program, a $2 million increase from last year’s state budget, for which Federation advocated as well.

This September, NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness will publish information about the upcoming FY2024 State NSGP grant application process for submissions in October.

To learn more about security grants, vulnerability assessments, training, reporting, and other resources, click here or contact us.   


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