Broadening Leaders' Perspectives

This week, Federation professionals and volunteers representing committees, the Governors' Council, and the Board gathered for problem-solving exercises to become better educated about issues affecting the Jewish community and empowered as stronger leaders to make a difference for all Jews.


I enjoyed the interactive nature of the meeting and brainstorming with my group about ways to better engage people with the Federation. -- Jhanna Even, Jewish Community Relations Committee

I thought it was very productive and energizing. It was nice to be in person again. It reminded me of a quote from Henry Ford that has stayed in my mind. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." – Henry Ford -- Carol Kominsky, Board, Treasurer

As lay leaders we are often working for the Federation in our own leg of the pyramid of work, a specific committee or project. Tuesday night's workshop allowed us to immerse ourselves in other areas of the organization and gain immediate understanding of the challenges faced by our staff, partners and community members. Often, when you are helping one end of the organization, you don't have a good understanding of what is happening elsewhere; thank you for providing us with a wonderful educational opportunity. -- Bonnie Leff, Governors' Council, Board

As a recent addition to the Governors' Council, I was impressed by the interest expressed in serving the interests of our local Jewish community and the Jewish people at large. -- David Blivaiss, Governors' Council, Security Task Force 

We had a very productive session of dedicated Federation officers on our obligation in providing security measures to Jewish institutions, as well as promoting the services that we provide to aid the Jewish community at large, i.e. Meals on Wheels, PJ Library, services to Holocaust survivors and the vulnerable population. We also discussed whether or not the JCRC should get involved with the advocacy of some controversial political issues. -- Tony Kestler, Governors' Council, Israel & Overseas Allocations committee

I loved that we brainstormed on the day to day challenges of our community for survival and to thrive. The meeting brought the mission of Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ to life: thriving together. -- Laurie Landy, Governors' Council, Allocations committee

It was interesting to learn how seemingly intractable problems need to be solved. Our group was challenged to come up with an answer to a difficult situation, and we thought we had a decent answer... but honestly, when we found out how the actual committee had solved it, we were pretty surprised at how much better the 'real' answer was. -- Liran Kapoano, Governors' Council, Jewish Community Relations Council 

There was a sense of empowerment at the meeting. Sharing ideas and participating in meaningful discussions enabled positive workable outcomes. -- Phyllis Solomon, Israel & Overseas Allocations committee

And a special thank you to Board member, VP Leadership, Adrienne Ross, for conceiving and facilitating this leadership development program.



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