25 years later: Operation Exodus

A message from Dr. Misha Galperin, President and CEO of Jewish Agency for Israel International Development

Dear Friends,

As Passover approaches, we are celebrating both ancient and modern-day Exoduses – this year marks 25 years since the historic Aliyah from the Soviet Union, with the fall of the Iron Curtain.

As the leading organization bringing Jews to Israel, both then and now, The Jewish Agency is celebrating ‘Operation Exodus’, honoring the heroes of this story and the contributions of the Russian Aliyah to Israel today. 25 years ago, over one million Russian-speaking Jews came home and forever changed the face of Israel. Today, we continue to do this work tirelessly with rising immigration from France and Ukraine.

Today, we are proud to announce the start of ‘Operation Exodus: Then and Now’ – a year-long global celebration of this historic event. Check out our website and follow us on Facebook to see the latest, and find out how you can bring this story to your community – from community educational tools and posters to multimedia, from high-profile events to stories of Israel’s most influential Russian-speaking immigrants.

Join us as we tell this inspiring story and tell your children and grandchildren at the Seder table how you – yourself – took part in this historic effort and how it continues to shape Jewish history.

Warm wishes for a joyous Passover holiday,

Dr. Misha Galperin
President and CEO of Jewish Agency International Development


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