Tributes and Memorial Gifts - September 2021

JEWISH FEDERATION N THE HEART OF NEW JERSEY                                                                                  To Joan Karasick, in memory of Marty Karasick, from Jerry and Estelle Katcher; to Bonnie…

JCRC Looks Out for Needs of All Jews

Federation's Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) builds relationships and advocates for Jewish interests throughout and beyond the Jewish community by working directly with Jewish, interfaith, and civic leadership on the local, state, and national levels.

Federation is Here Fighting Antisemitism

Federation plays a leading role pushing back on Jew-hatred and its threats to individual safety and communal security and sustainability. Get involved because more is needed: government support, education, security, narratives countering BDS, alliances… It is imperative to work with each…

Israeli Foreign Minister outlines vision for calm in Gaza

On September 12, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid laid out his detailed plan to defeat Hamas in the Gaza Strip through economic and diplomatic means.

Sukkot's Four Species Speak to Jewish Diversity and Unity

Jewish unity is one of the meanings symbolized in the assembly of the Four Species. At a time when the Jewish people are becoming more polarized and fragmented along political or religious lines, we remember the underlying message of the Lulav (frond of a date palm), Etrog (citron fruit),…