The Holocaust Survivor Challenge

Some say timing is everything. 

This year, the timing of Yom HaShaoh, Holocaust Remembrance Day, coincided with recent, troubling news that restitution funds are falling short to meet the humanitarian needs of Holocaust survivors in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties. 25 local survivors have already had services cut and 100 more face cuts in coming months due to shortfalls from restitution funds. These services help with basic daily activities, from meal preparation to bathing, to simply tidying up at home.

The average cost to support ONE survivor for one year is $12,500.

The Jewish Federation, with partners, Jewish Family Services in Middlesex, and Jewish Family & Children's Service in Monmouth, together, have launched an urgent fundraising initiative, to restore these services and prevent further cuts.

A bit of good news: several generous donors from our area have stepped up with matching grants so any donations made by May 11 will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $75,000. 

Please give now to double your impact at no further cost to you.

Your donation will help protect the basic human dignity of those who have already suffered so much.

Thank you.


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