Looking back and looking ahead at the new year

Shana Tova! As we prepare for Rosh Hashanah this Sunday evening, we look forward to new opportunities for the Jewish community to thrive together in the new year. We are grateful for the support of so many in making this community more connected and caring. And we are grateful for all we have been able to accomplish of late. In our continuous efforts to make the community vibrant and inspired, the Federation has many recent accomplishments to reflect on.

  • The Federation has taken the lead in encouraging a community-wide conversation about security. Just last night, we held a security briefing for local organizations and synagogues about security measures for the upcoming high holidays. And, working on behalf of all area day schools and yeshivot, we have collaborated with other partners to secure funds from the State to help provide student safety and security at non-public schools.
  • Dozens of scholarships for Jewish camp and Teen Israel Travel were awarded this summer, with even more to be offered for summer 2016. It is exciting to know that research has proven Jewish camp and travel experiences at a young age are important factors in the development of proud Jewish adults. To learn about scholarships for next summer, contact us.
  • Because of the Federation’s collaboration with the State Association of Jewish Federations, the State of New Jersey appropriated $400,000 for the third consecutive year to The Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program. As the needs of this population continue to grow, so too does our commitment to helping them live this stage of their lives in as much comfort and dignity as possible.
  • Over the last two months of discussion about the Iran nuclear deal, the Federation convened information-packed conference calls and provided educational forums so members of the community could form and communicate their own opinions on the matter. Even now it is not too late to contact your elected officials. See our web page for details.
  • We continue to strengthen our community’s connections with Israel. The Federation is conducting missions to Israel in the coming year including a March of the Living-style trip for adults as well as a mission for interfaith clergy. We are now taking sign-ups. Contact us.
  • Finally, the Federation has launched a new Caring Initiative to ensure as many patients in local hospitals are regularly visited and offered comfort in their hour of distress. Learn more.

There is much more going on in the heart of New Jersey as we continue to support and engage the Jewish community. The Federation is opening doors, encouraging involvement and is positioned to do the best work for the most people in the Jewish world. All this is possible because of you. As we enter the new year, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Again, we wish you a very happy and healthy new year and Shabbat Shalom.


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