Impact Stories

Supporting Edie

Everyone needs a hand now and again. Federation and its agencies are eager to help.

Edie is eighty-something and lives alone.  Her neighbors were concerned because they knew she had some memory issues and admitted she hadn’t been eating regularly.  Wondering if she’d stopped taking he…

Investing in Brett

Brett’s a bright kid who realized he’d been clueless when the Sandy Teen Fellowship opened his eyes to the needs in his own back yard.   

Tenth-grader, Brett, is the kind of kid who teachers, friends, and parents describe as smart. His family has been active in their synagogue and its…

Experiencing for Stacie

Stacie didn’t want to be Jewish. One magic summer changed her life.

Honoring Max

With each loss, Max withdrew more. A group funded by the Federation brought him back to life.

Enlightening Chris

Chris saw no connection between high school bullying and the Holocaust until a Federation partner enlightened him. After meeting a survivor, Chris saw how speaking out makes a difference. As he took his seat at the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Education (Chhange)…