13 2021

"Virtual Tour of the Tenement Museum, NYC"

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

Ellen Botwin 511 Ryders lane
east brunswick, NJ 08816
732 257 7070 Ext 5

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732 257 7070 Ext 5

During a live, online interactive event, a Tenement Museum Educator will share stories of immigrant families who lived in our historic buildings, using video, audio recordings, images, historical documents and photographs.
Learn about the experieneces of immigrant and migrants and the fundamental role they played in defining our national identity. We'll learn about the Rogarshevskys, a Jewish American family from Lithuania, who moved to the Lower East Side. The parents, Fannie and Abraham, raised six children in 97 Orchard Street, balancing work, family and their religious faith during the 1910's.
This tour will consider the difficulties of factory work through the experiences of the family's teenage daughters, and learn about labor unions, working conditions and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
Just like an on-site building tour, a Tenement Museum Educator will virtually guide you through their home and discuss how the family balanced their traditions with working outside the home at garment factories across the city.

Sponsor: EBJC, B'Nai Jeshrun,OH; B'nai Shalom,NJ;Cong Beth Israel,CT;Temple Beth Shalom,,NJ;The Emanuel Synagogue,CT