28 2019

Tefilah Lab Session 4: Surrender

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

Monmouth Reform Temple 332 Hance Ave.
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
908-510-5136 efamilant@gmail.com

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Tefilah Lab is an experimental, experiential worship group held at Monmouth Reform Temple. Session 4 is on the topic of surrender.

It is part of Jewish identity to be argumentative and assertive. After all, Israel traditionally means “one who wrestles with G-d.” Yet, this session is about surrender which seems a bit odd given our nature. Still, one Rabbi has recently stated that “... any authentic faith tradition has, as one of its core tenants, surrender.” What does it mean to surrender? It does not mean giving up. And it can be liberating when faced with situations that are out of your control. We will discuss this notion both within the contexts of negotiating the trials of everyday living and as it is considered when interpreting the Book of Job. We will try a guided meditation during which we will take our most vexing problem and surrender it to G-d.

Sponsor: Monmouth Reform Temple