15 2020

"Panel Discussion on Israeli Startups"

9:00AM - 10:30AM  

East Brunswick Jewish Center 511 Ryders Lane
East Brusnwick, NJ 08816
732 257 7070

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732 402 2273

This free Zoom event will feature three exciting speakers who will discuss their personal experiences in Israeli startups. Each speaker will talk for 20 minutes, followed by Q&A.

Dr Oren Becker: Pharmaceutical and digital health
Dov Yarkoni: Retail and Marketing and privacy technology
Assaf Gedalia: Autonomous checkout in physical retail

Some of the topics we expect to include are the following:
What are the key companies to watch in Israel?
How does the funding process work in Israel?
Is there a way for Americans to invest in Israeli startups? Do Israeli companies need American investors?
Why does more innovation happen in Israel than elsewhere? How did that contribute to YOUR experience?

To receive the link to the free Zoom event, please register before November 13 at

Sponsor: Men's Club of the East Brunswick Jewish Center