14 2022

Jewish Prepare-Enrich Training

For almost 40 years, Prepare/Enrich has provided Facilitators and couples with data-driven relationship insights that create clarity, focus, and a framework on which to build resilient relationships. With the help of their Facilitator (you!), couples build on their strengths giving them the confidence to work on their specific growth areas. Some key features for Prepare/Enrich are:
- Suitable for couples in all phases and stages of life
- Customizes to each couple, making it dynamic and in depth
- Proven effectiveness and accuracy, with incredibly high levels of alpha reliability and validity
- Highlights strengths and uncovers opportunities for growth by measuring agreement and satisfaction across core and customized relationship topics

Jewish couples (including interfaith) and clergy often have additional questions, and concerns around spiritual practice and communities which will be addressed in this training. These practices will draw from Rabbi Getzel's ZIVUG curriculum and extensive experience working with couples. Becoming a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator provides you with the core knowledge and skills to confidently utilize Prepare/Enrich’s proven assessment and feedback resources, allowing you to get to know couples on a deeper level, more efficiently.

This training is for clergy, therapists and others in counseling roles.

Once certified, the assessment will provide you with powerful insights on each couple, including:
- The couple’s alignment on issues unique and specific to their relationship phase and context
- The impact of family of origin experiences on each partner’s perception of the couple relationship
- Positive/negative cycles affecting the relationship
- Which relationship areas to focus on and which to build upon
- Stress level of each partner
- Key personality similarities and differences

Rabbi Getzel Davis is a Jewish educator and relationship/marriage counselor based in Cambridge, MA. He has worked with over 100 couples, both individually and in groups, to envision, plan, enrich and repair their partnerships at all stages of their lives together. He serves as Rabbi and Educator at Harvard University and is a certified trainer of other clergy in Prepare-Enrich premarital counseling. He founded Unorthodox Celebrations, which has, since 2016 helped almost 3000 Jews (and those who love them) find inspiring and relatable officiants for their weddings, bnei mitzvah, and baby namings.


Monday-Wednesday, December 12th-14th, 9:30am-12:30pm EST

Early bird rate of $350 if you register by November 15

Limited scholarships are available. Please be in touch to inquire.

Sponsor: ZIVUG, Unorthodox Celebrations