16 2019

Behind the Scenes: A New Light on the Forgotten Women of the Bible


Torah Links of Middlesex County 261 Dunhams Corner Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

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A fascinating presentation about the unknown story of Tzipporah ,whose story lost from the narrative now told through a contemporary voice.
About this Event
The story of Tzipporah - the Journey that Almost Happened .

Shelly Eshkoli, LINK's guest speaker, will take us on a fascinating journey about Tzipporah, raising some contemporary and interesting questions like: What happens to a nation led by a woman? Who was this great priestess of the desert tribes, and could world history be any different if we hadn't left her behind?
Join us and be inspired by the story of a forgotten woman of the Bible and have a pick behind the scenes of this biblical unique leader.

Shelly Eshkoli a researcher of femininity in ancient Israelite society with a rich background in the Israelite culture and the ancient Orient. Shelly holds an MA in Biblical Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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