25 2023

"A Stranger to My Brothers": Who and What Were Apostates in Ancient Judaism

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

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Taught by Bildner visiting scholar Avraham Yoskovich, this three-part online mini-course traces the footsteps of the people who are called "apostates" in Rabbinic and other Jewish literature. Who were these people? What did they do to "earn" this title, and what was its meaning? In fact, did they actually exist? The course will examine sources from the first millennium until the year 1000 that shed light on the reality and mythology of “apostates.” It will also explore the communal effect on the changing nature of this category. Free and open to the public, advance registration required on the Bildner Center website;  http://BildnerCenter.Rutgers.edu

Sponsor: The Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life at Rutgers University