11 2024


14 2024

9th Annual Infertility Awareness Shabbat

Are you ready to join the 9th Annual Infertility Awareness Shabbat, April 11-14, 2024?

Together we can build a community of support for those facing infertility!

What is Infertility Awareness Shabbat (IAS)?

IAS is Yesh Tikva’s annual awareness campaign to promote sensitivity and compassion for people in Jewish communities facing infertility. For one weekend every year, Rabbis, Clergy and community leaders from around the globe come together to acknowledge the struggle of infertility and encourage more active support within their communities. Over the past 8 years, more than 200 synagogues and temples have yearly united in this mission to raise support for Jewish individuals facing this struggle, impactfully building a stronger, more compassionate Jewish community.

This year we are bringing IAS 2024 not only to your synagogue but to the heart of your community.

How can you help make this happen?

All it takes is a few simple steps:

sign up at: https://yeshtikva.org/infertility-awareness-shabbat-2024/

You will receive an email with more information about planning your participation- Onecandle, Shabbat Meal, hosting a conversation
Rally friends and family to join you
Increase awareness by posting about it on social #IAS2024 #InfertilityAwarnessShabbat #YeshTikva