17 2016

Yoga Shalom

10:45AM - 11:45AM  

Anche Emeth Memorial Temple 222 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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How does one embody prayer? Yoga Shalom, a spiritual and physical journey guided by a sequence of traditional Shabbat morning prayers, was created by Lisa Levine, a URJ Cantor and yoga practitioner. The yoga posture and breathing practices offer an opportunity to pray not just with your mouth and mind, but with your breath, body and heart. Join us as we devote time to our spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. Wear comfortable clothing. Exercises may be done seated in a chair or on your own yoga mat. Let by Sharon Einiger, a certified and registered yoga instructor, and Jen-Eve Frace. If you are reluctant, give it a try. You may find that you and your body feel better.