1 2016

The Keepers- Steve Katz- Blood, Sweat, and My Rock 'n' Roll Years

10:30AM - 11:30AM  

Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
New Brunswick, NJ
732 545 6484

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Legendary Guitarist Steve Katz is- or at least was- definitely a rock star: a pioneer of the blues-rock genre with his early 1960’s band, the Blues Project; a founder in the late 1960s of the groundbreaking and hugely popular jazz-rock big band Blood, Sweat & Tears; and the producer of Lou Reed’s best-selling and still influential live LP intelligent, sometimes wistful and sometimes funny style that makes this one of the Jew rock memoirs worth reading from beginning to end. Highlights include his early days getting lessons from blues guitar genius Rev. Gary Davis in a “little clapboard shanty” in the south Bronx; the birth of Blood, Sweat & Tears despite Katz’s contentious relationship with co-founder and Dylan collaborator Al Kooper; the phenomenal success- with Kooper’s relplacement singer, David Clayton-Thomas.