23 2016

Shabbat Shira - Kumsitz of Jewish Songs

7:45PM - 10:00PM  

East Brunswick Jewish Center 511 Ryders Lane
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
732-257-7070 (Phone)
732-257-9630 (Fax)

Contact Gale Dillman
732-257-7070 (Phone)
732-257-9630 (Fax)

This musical celebration features a sing-along with unique power point presentation accompanied by musical instruments, stories and explanations and lots of ruach! With a performance by Makhelat Hamerkaz, the Jewish Choir of Central NJ, Cantor Anna West Ott and Sheldon Levin, Choir Conductors.
Lead by Rabbi Leora Frankel and guest artist Rabbi Noam Katz!

Sponsor: East Brunswick Jewish Center, Makhelat Hamerkaz, Temple Emanu-El