22 2016


23 2016

Scholars Weekend with Dr. Steven J. Klein

9:30AM - 11:30AM  

Anshe Emeth Memorial temple 222 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
7325456484 temple@aemt.info

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Steven Klein is a senior editor at Haaretz English Edition. He also is an adjunct instructor at Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion University of the Negev. In addition, he lectures to visiting groups in Israel.

He contributes opinion pieces to Haaretz, commenting on Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He attained his PhD in Conflict Management and Negotiations at Bar-Ilan University in 2012, with his dissertation on mediation of ethnonational conflicts winning at university award.

Previously, Klein, who grew up in North Carolina and moved to Israel in 1991, has served as an instructor for the Young Judaea Year Course in Israel program, a Shaliach for Hadassah in New York, director for a junior abroad program in Jerusalem and commissioner of little league baseball in the Jerusalem region.

Saturday October 22nd at 9:30 am
Conflicting Visions of Israel: The Two-State Solutions vs. The One-State Reality

Saturday October 22nd at 12:30 pm
Lunch & Afternoon Study- Israel's Relationship with the U.S.: Can things Get Any Worse?

Sunday October 23rd
Standing By a Flawed Israel: Being Critical Yet Supportive

Sponsor: Syril & Dr. Norman Reitman Scholar in Residence