1 2016

“Sacred Text –The Writings of Abrahamic Religions” Talk

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

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$ Cost $ 5.00

The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County is pleased to present Dr. Brooks Susman, Rabbi Emeritus, Freehold NJ and Dr. Christopher Bellitto, Associate Professor of History, Kean University. Together, they will explore the question, “Do the sacred texts of the Bible act as texts for study, or pretexts for individual theologies?” They will discuss topics looking at Biblical texts in light of 21st Century realities. Also, Rabbi Susman and Dr. Bellitto will reflect on the last half-century of Jewish-Catholic relations, and hope to engage the audience in conversation. The program is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. Admission is $5 members, $8 non-members.

Rabbi Susman and Dr. Bellito have lectured as a pair for a decade in central New Jersey, offering talks on what is shared and distinct, for example in; Christmas/Chanukah; Passover/Easter; as well as Scripture and traditions. Their goal is to bridge the historical gap between Judaism and Christianity by using an open-eyed view of history to promote understanding and good faith moving forward.

Sponsor: The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County