24 2016

Our Stories Our Lives

Our Stories Our Lives
Monmouth Reform Temple’s 2016 Sunday Discussion Group
332 Hance Ave, Tinton Falls
Starting January 24th, 2016
4:00-5:30 PM in the Temple Library

Starting in January 2016, Monmouth Reform Temple will resume its Sunday discussion group series. The focus of this year’s group will be personal storytelling. Participants will have an opportunity to share stories around a theme that will vary each month. You can share a personal story, or a story about someone you know, or even a story you have read about that has special significance to you. Our six story telling themes will be:
• Origins - January 24th
• Love and Marriage - February 28th
• Interfaith - March 20th
• Children - April 17th
• Miracles - May 15th
• Death and Dying - June 26th

The first group’s theme will be Origins. Origin stories are perhaps the easiest stories to tell. Their beginning is your beginning and the end is where you are now. What was your earliest memory and your favorite one? What was your childhood like, your parents, your siblings and childhood friends? Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you? Where did you grow up and how did the place where you lived influence you? What were your earliest experiences with religion? Did you have a moment where you found God or one when you felt the whole thing was a sham?

Come to share or come to listen. Either way, an interesting time is in for all. This event is free to the public

For more information, please contact Elliott Familant at 908-510-5136 or efamilant@gmail.com.