13 2016


7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Beth Ahm 550 Lloyd Road
Aberdeen, NJ
(732) 583-1700

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Temple Beth Ahm (732) 583-1700

From the front line of combat to the campus battles of North America - A Journey. A soldier recalls, An observer reflects, A citizen recalls. Since moving to Israel, Sgt Benjamin Anthony (IDF Res.) has lived through some of the recent, extraordinary peace initiatives undertaken to resolve the Israel - Palestinian conflict.

As a citizen of Israel, he has observed as the peace initiatives have unfolded. As an IDF combat veteran, he has participated in campaigns to safeguard Israel, serving in uniform both within and beyond the borders of Israel.

He comes to us to describe how every day life is impacted by efforts made in the hope of bringing peace, but which only yield conflict.

Sponsor: Marlboro Jewish Center and Temple Beth Ahm, with an Opportunity Grant from Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ