19 2016

Max Pine, Leader of the United Hebrew Trades,

10:30AM - 11:55AM  

JCC of Middlesex County 1775 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820
732-494-3232 shorwitz@jccmc.org

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Max Pine was a Jewish labor leader, relief worker and one of the founders of the “Jewish Daily Forward,” Mr. Pine was prominent in Jewish relief work during and after the World War, when he went to Russia with Judge Harry M. Fisher, of Chicago, as a member of the Joint Distribution Committee.
He was a native of Russia and came to this country as a young man. He worked in the needle industry and left it shortly to devote himself to the cause of labor as secretary of the United Hebrew Trades in New York, a Jewish labor group affiliated with the A. F. of L. He was a candidate several times on the Socialist ticket for Assemblyman and Alderman from the East Side. He was an organizer of the People’s Relief Committee, one of the three components of the Joint Distribution Committee.

The late Mr. Pine was one of the Jewish labor leaders in the United States who took a keen interest in the Palestine movement, having been the chairman of the National Labor Committee of the Organized Jewish Workers in Palestine, among Jewish workers in the United States.