29 2016

Life, Work & Reward

1:30PM - 2:55PM  

JCC of Middlesex County 1775 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820

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Rabbi Eric Rosin
of Congregation Neve Shalom
As the holiday of Passover approaches we want to look at the concept of Life, Work and Reward. Moses, who was chosen by G-d to lead the Jews out of Egypt, wandering through the desert for forty years, was not allowed to enter “the promised land”. If G-d is forgiving, why was Moses punished?

If we don’t get rewarded for the work we do in our lifetime does the work still have value? What is a life well-lived? What is Passover’s particular relevance to an aging population?

Let’s explore this and more with the new Rabbi of Congregation Neve Shalom, Rabbi Eric Rosin. Bring something new to your seder table.