27 2016

History of the Shanghai Ghetto

4:00PM - 6:30PM  

Young Israel of Aberdeen 479 Lloyd Road
Aberdeen, NJ 07747

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$ Cost $ 20.00

In 1939, thousands of Jewish refugees escaped Nazi persecution to the only place that was open to them…

Please join us to watch Shanghai Ghetto, an emotional, insightful and award-winning documentary film that chronicles the story of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and their lives in the Shanghai Ghetto.

We are privileged to be joined by special guest Henry Meisel, who during World War II migrated to Shanghai after Kristallnacht. Henry, now a resident of Aberdeen, will share with us his compelling personal account of life in the ghetto, where he and his family remained when Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese in 1942.

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet Chinese dinner. Food from Kosher Chinese Express in Manalapan.

RSVP to Eleanor Edelstein at 732-566-1928 or Mail checks to the synagogue.

Sponsor: Young Israel of Aberdeen Sisterhood