11 2015


10:30AM - 12:00PM  

JCC of Middlesex County
Edison, NJ
732-494-3232 (Phone)
732-548-2850 (Fax)

Contact Sue Horwitz
732-494-3232 (Phone)
732-548-2850 (Fax)

Is that a red string on Madonna’s wrist?
Why did you name your children when
and what you did?
When did you buy a crib?
Since when and why do we break a glass
at a wedding?
Which shoe do you put on and
which do you tie first?


Is your challah twisted?

We learn our “Jewish Practices” and traditions from the Torah or the Talmud; from Rabbis and teachers;
from our grandmothers and…

Hey, did you say grandmothers?? What are you talking about?
And where did they learn them from?

In this session we will discuss the origins of Jewish folk traditions,
their meanings and sources

Until then, don’t sit by the window… You’ll catch a cold.