6 2016

Books and Bagels

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
New Brunswick, NJ

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This time we are discussing the book The Mathematician's Shiva which is by Stuart Rojstaczer. It won the National Jewish Book Award for Outstanding Debut Fiction in 2014. This is a book that is about a fictional Rachela Karnokovitch, a world renowned mathematician, is a Polish/Jewish Russian who almost starved to death during WWII, and then spent most of her youth behind the thick iron curtain in a labor camp close to the arctic circle. It was there that her mathematical genius was discovered and nurtured, and led to her career in America. After her death her son, Sasha, has to corral a large group of odd academics who both wish to honor her and to find out if she ever solved a particularly difficult mathematical problem. Deals with broad human relationship (no math knowledge necessary to enjoy the book!)